ELCO Industry Automation AG has many years of History and Expertise in the Field of Industrial Automation and established several Subsidiaries and Sales Organizations in Europe and China. As a successful Manufacturer in this Field, ELCO has been enjoying High Reputation and playing an active role in providing Automation Components, Equipments and Systems.

For many years, ELCO has been committed to provide Industrial Customers with localized and customized Products and Services. Innovation, Flexibility and Quality guarantee ELCO to become one of the Leading Suppliers in Industrial Automation.


  • Inductive Sensors

    Different shapes and dimensions, barrel, rectangular, non-standard, etc

    Sensors with special features including long-sensing, temperature extension, wide temperature range, high pressure resistance, analogue output, NAMUR products

    ALL-METAL inductive sensors

    Various output type, IP67 & IP 68


    Inductive Sensors PDF

  • G Series

    Enhanced sensing distance to ensure reliable and stable detection output

    Wide temperature range of -30~85°C to meet requirements of different operations conditions

    IP68 for harsh environment with dust and water to guarantee safe and reliable operation

    Outstanding capacity of anti-interference, multiple features integrated in one model

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  • Capacitive Sensors

    Barrel and rectangular shapes

    Sensitivity adjustment by potentiometer

    Protected against interference by various protection circuits

    Applicable for level monitoring, metal and non-metal dectection

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  • Photoelectric Sensors

    Photoelectric sensors with infrared or light beam for up to 150m detecting distance

    Various detecting modes, through-beam, reflective, diffuse

    Background suppression function, stable light/dark detection

    High detection precision up to 0.04μm

    Full product range: Conventional use, detection, safety, identification, optical fibre, etc

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  • EV Topydic Series Encoders

    Advanced double-bearing design, excellent mechanical load performance

    High protection degree for different working conditions

    Overload and short circuit protection

    Resolution up to 8192ppr

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  • EX Heavydic Series Encoders

    Heavy duty mechanical design for applications in metallurgy and hoisting industries

    Metal code disk ensuring excellent anti-shock performance

    Shaft or hollow shaft installation

    Additional overspeed switch to ensure field safety

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  • Shaft and holow-shaft configurations as well as standard EN flanges

    Optional parallel, serial, bus interface available

    Multi-turn Biss-C protocol encoders for high-speed servo machine tool application. Single-turn resolution-19bits, multi-turn resolution-31bits, and Max. rotation speed up to 10000rpm

    Supporting multiple industrial EtherNet protocol, eg. ProfiNet I/O, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT etc

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  • Draw Wire Measurement

    High repetition accuracy up to 0.05mm, max. measurement range up to 40m

    Compatible with standard encoders, multiple electrical output interfaces provided

    Smart structure design, applicable for harsh working environments

    Compact design especially suitable limited space installation


  • Compact 67


    Compact I/O Module in protection degree IP67 and 60mm standard width or 30mm compact width is a reliable solution to connect industrial controller with I/O-devices and sensors/actuators in rough environments.

    Quick connections of cables with standard plug in connectors. Full encapsulation and isolating material guarantee safe and stable operation in rough environment with water, dust and vibration. Because of confguration I/O, channel protection and online diagnostic function, it is especially suitable in metallurical, automative, material handling industries etc.


    Metallurgical Industry

    Material Handling

    Packing Industry

    Automative Industry

    Machine Tool Industry

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  • Spider 67 Extensible Discrete I/O-System


    Spider 67 with high protection degree IP67 is a new extensible discrete I/O – system, and adopts full encapsulation structure, which is ideal for meeting flexible requirement from customers. It is composed of various extension I/O modules and gateways supporting standard industry bus protocols such as Profibus, ProfiNet, EtherCat and CC-Link etc. which can also access to different types of PLC system easily.

    Prominent Features:

    Compact design minimizes mounting space requirement

    Quick and reliable connection with standard M12, 7/8″ connectors supporting ProfiBus, ProfiNet, CC-Link and other fieldbus

    Free configuration I/O for field application

    LED status indicator

    Online diagnosis for modules and channels


    Automative Industry

    Metallurgical Industry

    Material Handling

    Machine Tool Industry

    Food and Beverage Industry

    Other application environment requiring high protection degree

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  • ELCO IP67 Solution on Site

    All-round I/O solution for field application – Spider 67

    Passive connection solution – distribution box

    Field connection solution for distributed sensors –  Compact 67

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  • RFID


    RFID from the Elco RF30 Series adopts UHF technology. More R/W heads with different R/W distance (the longest distance up to 6m) and dimension can realise information exchange efficiently and quickly together with tag. Compatible gateway supporting standard bus protocol can be integrated easily into PLC network. IP67 modular design makes the RF30 Series especially suitable for direct installation in the industrial field. Industrial grade tag with strong encapsulation can realise R/W and storage of reliable information under more industrial control environments. Moreover, flexible customised cable and connector bring more convenience of installation and usage to customers.

    RFID under RF3o Series can be used in the automotive, automotive parts assembly, non-standard automation equipment, machine manufacturing etc., supplying complete identification solutions for automatic production.

    Prominent Features:

    UHF R/W head design for quick and accurate R/W

    IP67 protection degree suitable for industrial field

    LED status indicator with on line rapid diagnosis

    Standard industrial bus interface, RS485 and TCP/IP provided

    Multiple R/W distances and heads to meet various requirements

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  • Connectivity System

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  • Pre-Wired Connector

    M8, M12 Dimension

    Straight and Angled

    Multiple cores , jackets and functioning cable configuration

    LED indicator

    Single-ended, double-ended, splitter and more pre-wired types etc

    Customised cable length

    Protection degree IP67

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  • Field-Attachable Connector

    M8, M12 dimension

    Straight and angled with various cores configuration

    Special M8 Screw connection, convenient for field installation and maintenance

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  • Distribution Box

    Encapsulated metal and plastic housing

    More wired products for selection

    Single and double signals of 4 and 8 channels

    PNP / NPN output

    Protection degree IP67

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  • FS200 – Compact Distributed I/O

    Supporting different protocols: ProfiBus – DP, DeviceNet, CANopen, ProfiNet, EtherCAT etc.

    Supporting regular I/O and safe I/O as mixed configuration

    Highly densified I/O layout in the unit space

    Electronic separation between terminal and the back-plate

    Flexible extensions of the back-plate for up to 64 electronic modules

    Cage clamp terminals for easy wiring

    Extremely convenient and simple for installation and wiring

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  • Pick to Light

    Stable data communication based on RS-485 and EtherNet

    Easy to integrate with existing management software, saves costs for additional third party software

    Flexible configuration settings, modifications or new assembling processes can be implemented fast

    Process streamlined suitable for logistic handlings and material-picking in assembly industry

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  • Safety Relays

    Optional coil voltage and output contact

    Single / double input channel

    LED status indicator

    Automatic / Manual reset

    Cross fault monitoring

    Safety relays with positive guided contacts are applicable for protecting human and high end goods from dangerous movements

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  • Safety Curtains

    Slim and robust aluminum housing

    Multi-specifications, 150mm~1800mm

    Optional resolution, 14/20/30/40/50/90mm

    Optional transmitting channel

    Automatic / Manual reset, LED indicating working and failure status

    Application for access protection for machining tools and injection molding machines, automotive, logistic handlings etc.

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  • RT2 Terminal Relays

    Breaking capacity up to 6A@250VAC

    DC/AC, LED indicator

    Easy-installation cage clamp terminal

    Compact installation size, only 6.2mm width

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  • Process Control Sensors

    Temperature Sensor for liquid mediums

    Application: Advanced temperature or temperature – difference monitoring of gas or liquid mediums

    Stainless steel housing and protection degree IP67 specially designed for rough environments

    Short-circuit, reverse polarity, overload protection and optional output

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