Contec is a provider of high-reliable, high-quality electronic devices using Contec unique core technology.

Their devices consist of Industrial Computers, PC-based Automation Products, Networking Products, Inductive Power System and Micro-controller Board.


  • Industrial PC Product

  • A) BOX Computer

    Space Saving industrial computers suitable for embedded applications.


  • B) Digital Signage

    Signage player optimal for digital signage system.


  • C) Multi-Controllers

    Micro-controller with built-in ARM processor and high-performance SoC. With feature such as device miniaturization, processing acceleration with simplified wiring, low power consumption and for maintenance-free application.


  • D) Panel Computers

    Industrial computers equipped with touch panel LCDs, these systems are highly suited for use in operating and control panels. As with the BOX computers, components are selected for their high reliability and stable supply.


  • E) Digital Information Terminals

    New concept industrial information terminals with state-of-the-art features. This is ideal target device as the terminals for medical / healthcare and retail application.


  • F) Flat Panel Displays

    Flat LCD panels with touch functions. CONTEC offers mounting options including panels or wall mount, exclusive embedded (open frame) types and standard arm or desk mounting units. Optimal for using information terminal applications with touch operation, in combination with BOX Computers and Board Computers.


  • G) Options : Accessories

    Optional Acessories include :

    1) Storage : PATA (IDE) Type; SATA Type; PC-ESD A Series; Compact Flash (Fix Disk Mode); STA HDD; CFast Card

    2) Others include : Table Stand; Metal Fitting for VESA; General I/O Terminal Block (Included Cable : 50cm)


  • H) FA Computers & Customized Computers

    Industrial PCs with high performance, high reliability, low price. Customized computers with long-term availability, reliability and flexibility. CONTEC offers customised BTO models and set-up models ready for delivery models.

    1) Compact Embedded Computers – EPC Series

    2) High Performance FA Computers – VPC Series

    3) Expandable Computers- Solution – ePC Series


  • Measurement and Control Products

  • I) Analog I/O

    Interface modules that convert analog signals to digital data. Converting, analogue signals to data (digital signals) and feeding them to PC allows you to measure external events, whereas converting PC data to analogue signals for output allows you to control external devices.


  • J) Digital I/O

    Interface boards (cards) that provide computers with digital signal I/O functions. They monitor the status (ON/OFF) of relays, operating switches and measurement devices as well as controlling (ON/OFF) lamps, 7-segment display units and relays. These boards (cards) can also be used as an interface for conducting digital communication with controllers such as PLC or microcomputers.


  • K) Counter

    These boards communicate pulse train input and pulse number count functions to the PC. They calculate addition and/or subtraction of count values on-board and read out current count values when needed. They can connect to incremental rotary encoders, linear gauges, pulse output type flow meters or power meters.

    Motion Control

    Enables PC controller output of pulse train according to a specified pulse number and frequency. Can automatically output control pulse which corresponds to operation parameters such as target position, speed and acceleration / deceleration rate. Limit input functions (required for positioning control) are also provided. For use with pulse-input type stepping motors or servo motors.


  • L) Serial Communications

    Provides PC with RS-232C/442A/485 serial communications ports. Used as a communication interface with measurement devices, barcode readers, industrial AV equipment, UPS, printers and modems which are equipped with RS-232C/422A/485 serial communication ports.


  • M) GPIB Communications

    Provide PCs with GPIB-Compliant communication port(s). These can be used as the communication interface for measurement devices equipped with GPIB communication ports as well as various other controllers.


  • N) Expansion Unit / Bus Adaptor

    What is the expansion unit?

    An expansion unit is used to expand the number of available PCI bus slots of either CONTEC industrial computer (IPC Series) or standard PCs. It is also useful in applications where the power of consumption of add-on boards exceeds the power supply capacity of the host PC. An expansion system is used to join the expansion chassis and the host PC into one system.


    PCIe cable type exp bus adpt & chassis

    Bus Ext type Exp Adpt & Chassis

    StarFabric comp type Exp Adpt & Chassis