The maker, ADCOAT CO., LTD. was established in 1968 at Higashi-Osaka City, which is famous for “Monozukuri” (Products Manufacturing).

VCI* paper (anti-corrosion paper) produced by the company, has been widely applied among the major steel mills, car manufacturers and blade producers etc. since 40 years ago.

The climate at high temperature & high humidity in South East Asia causes big problem in the form of rusting and oxidation.

Adpack’s VCI paper (Anti-Corrosion Paper) can be very helpful to protect from rusting. It is particularly helpful for long period of storage for non-lubricated spare parts and finished metal parts.



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    How does VCI Paper works?

    The Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) that is impregnated in the VCI paper will be vaporized and either directly absorbed onto the metal surface or absorbed by the water layer. Depending on the terms and storage conditions, the anti – corrosion effects can be expected to last for several years. The action is advanced on the molecular level, and in the nanoscopic invisible world.


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  • Various Types of VCI Paper Available for Different Types of Metal

    Adpack Various Types of VCI




  • Usage for adpack-G

    Impregnated Type for Iron & Steel Products

    VCI* paper (Anti-Corrosion Paper) impregnated volatile corrosion inhibitor into kraft paper, mainly for iron & steel products, car parts and apparatus parts etc. Adpack have over 30 years of experience for various customers.


  • Usage for adpack-White

    Coated type for Iron & Steel Products in long term protection

    VCI* paper (Anti-Corrosion Paper) coated volatile corrosion inhibitor on kraft paper in order to protect the target for longer periods storage, mainly for blades such as cutters and knives etc. We have over 40 years experience and we can proudly say this type is our enduring bestseller.


  • Usage for adpack-S

    Impregnated type for Iron & Steel, Non-Ferrous products

    Iron & Steel, Non-Ferrous products have become more complicated.
    ADCOAT has developed “adpack-S”, Impregnated type VCI* paper (Anti-Corrosion Paper) in common use to protect them from rusting/corrosion.
    This is workable with higher performance for Iron & Steel, Non-Ferrous products such as Copper, Brass, Phosphor Bronze, Tin Plate Galvanized, Chromed, Nickel-plated with its feature of less deterioration (in color change) of plastics than conventional type.


  • Usage for adpack-C

    Impregnated type for Copper & Copper Alloy

    “adpack-C” is workable for Copper and Copper Alloy to protect them from corrosion with no color change.
    VCI* paper (Anti-Corrosion Paper) impregnated volatile corrosion inhibitor into kraft paper .
    “adpack-C” can be also applied for electronic parts, and for Copper Wires, Copper Plates and Copper Tubes.


  • Various Applications for VCI Paper

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    Characteristics Comparison

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